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Introducing: Visualizing Systems

Welcome! Visualizing Systems is a new blog that explores the relationships between humans and the environments in which we live, work, sleep, play, travel, etc. What are the relationships between cities and their ecological contexts? How do water, weather, plants, animals, geology, climate, etc. affect the built environment? And how does the built environment, in turn, affect the various layers of the natural environment? And especially, how can we harness the increasing power and availability of BIG DATA to map and track the relationships between urban and ecological systems, nature and culture, landscape and infrastructure, etc. in a way that is not only BEAUTIFUL, but PRECISE and CONCISE?

This blog is intended as a companion piece to an eponymous book by Andrea Hansen to be published in late 2014. In addition to serving as an extended, catalogued repository for the examples featured in the book, this blog is meant to foster discussion and serve as a testing ground for visual case studies that exemplify the spatial potential of data and visualization in the design fields. Your suggestions and feedback are encouraged and greatly appreciated!

Read more about the project here.