The Israeli-Palestinian Conflict: A History in Maps

The Israeli-Palestinian Conflict: A History in Maps

Visualizing Palestine

One of the most powerful sources of visual aids to explaining the conflict that I have seen is Visualizing Palestine, a non-profit organization out of Beirut, funded by The Arab Fund for Arts and Culture, The Shuttleworth Foundation, and The Jerusalem Fund for Education and Community Development.

The visualizations on the site range from documentation of the Palestinian displacement in maps to clear infographics that explain why, in a land that actually experiences plentiful seasonal rainfall, water scarcity remains an endemic issue. While, as you might expect from the name, the organization has a mission to publicize the injustice and hardship of the Palestinian diaspora and refugee crisis, Visualizing Palestine is rigorous, and uses data and citation impeccably to make its case. See for instance the Timeline of Violence, which documents not just Palestinian deaths in recent years, but Israeli deaths as well. These kinds of data-based, equal-opportunity juxtapositions help to cut through the bias so often seen in the region itself when one group uses a singular set of numbers to tell its tale without showing the other side of the story.

Visualizing Palestine - Palestinian and Israeli Deaths (Timeline of Violence Since September 2000)

Visualizing Palestine - Not Enough Water in the West Bank

Visualizing Palestine - An Ongoing Displacement