Mapping Love (and everything else that comes with it)

Mapping Love (and everything else that comes with it)

And finally, if you, like me, are single on this Valentine’s Day, know that you are not alone. Jonathan Soma of Brooklyn Brainery and founder of the excellent Handsome Atlas (definitely worth a look!) has created an interactive map showing the proportions of male and female singles in different urban areas. Soma’s map improves upon an older map put together by the champion of upwardly-mobile singles himself, Richard Florida (Canadians fret not! Florida created a singles map for you too). Whereas Florida’s map caused single women all over the East Coast to panic, due to the fact that it counted everyone between the ages of 20 and 64, Soma’s map is adjustable by age, showing that if you are a single woman between the ages of 20 and 39, you don’t actually have it too bad. However, if you are single and over the age of 40, things do start to look grim indeed.


The New, Interactive Singles Map. Or, Looking for Love in All the Statistically Wrong Places

by Jonathan Soma

(requires Java/does not work on Chrome)

UPDATE 2/15/2013: Using data from the real estate site Trulia, Fast Company Design takes the singles map down to the city level. Proving that gender stereotypes are not dead, men in major metropolitan areas tend to outnumber women in financial districts (San Francisco’s FiDi, New York’s Wall Street, Chicago’s Loop) while women outnumber men in the suburbs, family-centric neighborhoods, and recreational/entertainment districts (Chicago’s Lake District, New York’s Upper East Side, Marin County and the East Bay Area, and basically all of Washington DC). The Best Cities to Woo the Opposite Sex (Fast Company Design)


Know of other maps of love on this Valentine’s Day? Share in the comments section, or submit them here.

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