Mapping Love (and everything else that comes with it)

Mapping Love (and everything else that comes with it)

Since nothing goes with love like marriage (can’t have one without the other and all that), I sought out a few interesting visualizations of the state of marriage in the United States. Pew Research provides a snapshot of marriage and divorce rates in the US today (using data from the 2008 American Community Survey). Unsurprisingly, Nevada leads the nation in the divorce rate, shotgun wedding chapels not being known for their production of high-quality marriages.


Marriage and Divorce: A 50-State Tour

by Pew Research

What the Pew interactive fails to address is the growing phenomenon of same-sex marriage. Obviously, same-sex marriage is not legal in most states, making a state-by-state comparison difficult. The Guardian, however, has an excellent infographic breaking down the advancement of same-sex rights by region. By using a circular diagram instead of a map, the regional differences are amplified, showing the stark differences between the progressive Northeast (with the exception of Pennsylvania) and the highly conservative southeast.


Gay Rights in the US, State by State

by the Guardian US Interactive Team (Julian Burgess, Feilding Cage, Greg Chen, Kennedy Elliott and Gabriel Dance)

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